The World According to Goofy

One of my favorite characters is Ludwig Von Drake. He's not one of the most popular Disney characters, but for some unknown reason, I just love him. A goal of mine (that will probably never be realized) is to get a picture with Professor Von Drake. This goal led me to scour the internet for some picture of Ludwig in the parks. After a few hours, I discovered Ludwig was once in a Disney parade! I learned that this parade, called "The World According to Goofy", took place from June-November 1992. I was two years old in 1992, and there was definitely a possibility that I saw this parade in person. Here's a video of the parade if you're interested:

So I showed this video to my mom, who said that this parade seemed somewhat familiar. She went looking through some old Disneyland pictures, and guess what she found? LUDWIG!

I have absolutely no recollection of this parade (I was two). But here is proof that Ludwig and I were in the parks at the same time! It was obviously foreshadowing of our intertwined destiny. Which means, a meet and greet is in my future! 

Here's some more pictures from the same parade:

On an unrelated note, this parade looks AWESOME. Too bad it only lasted 5 months.