Tick Tock Tale: A Disney Short

I had the pleasure of seeing a never-before released Disney short called Tick Tock Tale. Disney animator Bill Perkins stopped by my university today and showed a full house the clip! Here's a sneak peek:

The story follows a small clock who gets teased by the other clocks because of his funny chime. But when a thief comes into the clock shop and steals his friends, the little clock runs after the thief, and his funny chime calls the police over, saving the day. However, the thief steps on the little clock  to quiet him, breaking him in the process. The next day, the shop owner throws the little clock away. The big clocks, not forgetting what the little clock had done the night before, take the clock out of the trash and place him by a sign that reads, "No repair is too small".

The owner of the shop repairs the little clock, and he is welcomed back into the clock shop by all his friends. It was a great short and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see it!


My First Trip Report!

Hi everyone! I was lucky enough to go home for President's Day weekend... so I went to Disneyland! This is my first trip report so please bear with me.

Saturday, February 19th
Goodbye, Celebrate! Hello, Let the Memories Begin!
Brianna and I decided to get fastpasses for World of Color! DCA is mostly decorated construction walls at the moment, because of all the new attractions coming this summer.

New mural being constructed on the archway of "The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure". Ever wondered what happened to King Triton?

After telling the construction guys to hurry up, and after a disappointing Midway Mania game (well below my normal score), we headed across the esplanade to catch the Mardi Gras Weekend. All of the "great eight" (minus Daisy) were in their Mardi Gras finest! I especially loved Goofy's disco ball outfit.
Dale's "First Look"

Partying it up!

The Disco Ball

Their dancing was hilarious!
Isn't her dress gorgeous?

Prince Naveen and Louis joined Princess Tiana for a street show! They basically did the Showboat Jubilee from Christmas 2009, and just cut out Dr. Facilier's part.

I just love Louis!

She had a beautiful voice!

I'm gonna blow this horn 'till the cows come home!

One thing that you must know about me is that I love meet and greets with all the different characters! So I was definitely in for a surprise when Pinocchio, Geppetto, Gideon, and Foulfellow all showed up in Town Square!

Gideon hacking a hairball onto Goofy

Messing around

Foulfellow wanted to be the center of attention
 These guys were absolutely hilarious! They were poking each other with Gideon's cane, jumping in front of each other (and me) when pictures were being taken. When Gideon signed my autograph book, he only put one letter on each page! That mischievous cat. I asked the group where Jiminy Cricket was, and Foulfellow and Gideon both proceeded to stomp on an invisible Jiminy. They were also running around and picking the flowers from the planters. Brianna took most of the pictures because I was standing there laughing the whole time. I'll link them once she posts them on her blog.  

We also headed to DCA to watch the Pixar Pop-up Parade featuring the Incredibles.

My favorite part of the show was actually at the end, when the guy riding the huge bike said "Go, go drum bike!" and then started pedaling. I'm pretty sure I was the only one who got the joke.

In the evening, Brianna and I went back to DCA for more fun! We watched the always breath-taking World of Color, and ended our wonderful Disney day with Turtle Talk with Crush. The host of TTWC gives you suggestions of questions to ask Crush, such as "What's your favorite color?" and "What is the meaning of life?" I've never actually heard someone ask Crush what the meaning of life is... so I did! His response? "I'm a dudist. I surf, therefore I am". He then proceeded to ask me what my meaning of life was, so I responded,

"I'm a Disneyland-ist. I go to Disneyland, therefore I am".

A true statement, my friends.