Toy Story 3

If you haven't seen Toy Story 3, GO. WATCH IT. NOW.

There were some great easter eggs, especially Totoro's cameo in the film! I just wanted to know if he speaks 日本語 (Japanese) or English. Also, the closet scene with Ken and Barbie was hilarious! My other favorite scene was the beginning scene; DEATH BY MONKEYS! My favorite character was Mr. Pricklepants. Sadly, he didn't get much screentime in the movie. Hopefully, they'll make some Pixar shorts with Mr. Pricklepants and the rest of Bonnie's toys. Or, maybe they'll make a Toy Story 4!

The whole theater was gasping, laughing, and crying throughout the whole movie. It was truly an amazing movie to watch! A big "thanks" to the amazing team at Pixar for creating this masterpiece!


  1. Yeah... I basically sobbed every time they had a sentimental flashback, and also at the end. I loved it. It was SO well done.

    And Mel from flight of the conchords was the voice of Tracy (?) the triceratops! So cute.

    And there was a certain coupling that I found absolutely endearing. Won't give it away, but it was freaking adorable. :)

  2. Toy Story 3 does exactly what the first two did, delivered on all cylinders, all aspects of film-making and entertainment. The humor is back, the heart is back, the delightful cast of characters is back. This time, thanks to an incredible script, there's more suspense, more drama, and many more surprises. Like any spectacular trilogy, it wraps up all loose ends. It literally is difficult to find any flaw or any slow moment in this movie, and even if there is, it will immediately be forgiven by the next major laugh or the next major revelation. The predictability factor in this movie is low, and the payoff to all the suspense is extremely high. Guys, this is the go-to movie of the summer, and makes up for any disappointment you have seen this year or last.

  3. Ohhh I am going to see it for sure...Awww I cant wait:)
    Thanks for that darling and see you soon:)

  4. Ah that movie was GREAT! I loved Barbie and Ken as well!!! The ending kind of scared me at first ;)

  5. Thank you sweetie for taking part in the Giveaway:)
    Happy Sunday:)

  6. And what if i haven't seen toys tory 1 and 2 either??? :D


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