Toy Story 3

If you haven't seen Toy Story 3, GO. WATCH IT. NOW.

There were some great easter eggs, especially Totoro's cameo in the film! I just wanted to know if he speaks 日本語 (Japanese) or English. Also, the closet scene with Ken and Barbie was hilarious! My other favorite scene was the beginning scene; DEATH BY MONKEYS! My favorite character was Mr. Pricklepants. Sadly, he didn't get much screentime in the movie. Hopefully, they'll make some Pixar shorts with Mr. Pricklepants and the rest of Bonnie's toys. Or, maybe they'll make a Toy Story 4!

The whole theater was gasping, laughing, and crying throughout the whole movie. It was truly an amazing movie to watch! A big "thanks" to the amazing team at Pixar for creating this masterpiece!


Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

I had heard some pretty bad things about Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, so I wasn't expecting anything amazing. However, I enjoyed this movie. It's a bit cheesy and predictable, but it's got some great action scenes, an amazing score (hello surprise Alanis Morisette song!), and a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal. What more could I ask for?

The plot revolves around an Aladdin-esque boy named Dastan, who is adopted by the King of Persia. He and his brothers lead an attack on the city of Alamut, because they have been smuggling weapons to Persia's enemies. During this first fight scene, you get to see Dastan's awesome-ness. He pole vaults and bungee jumps all over the castle, and he looks extremely attractive while doing it. There are some slow-motion scenes as well (throughout the whole movie) and I think that is because they based this movie off of a video game, where slow motion scenes are prevalent. While in combat, Dastan defeats an enemy guard and takes his dagger. Eventually, the kingdom is overthrown by Persia. During the celebration, Dastan gives his father a robe as a gift, which turns out to be poisoned and kills the King. Dastan is immeadiately attacked so he and Princess Tamina (the Princess of Alamut) escape together. We then get a taste of why the dagger he acquired is so important.

Tamina is very pushy and aggressive during the first half of the film, and tries to kill Dastan and flee with the dagger multiple times. After what seemed like forever, Tamina finally trusts Dastan and they set off to return the dagger back to its sanctuary, where it will be safely hidden. Along the way, they view an ostrich race, Tamina joins the harem for an afternoon, and Dastan befriends a group of outlaws who become very helpful later on in the film. Oh, and a lot of people die. Just when you think "YES! So-and-so knows the truth now! Everything is right in the world!" so-and-so goes and gets shot with poison darts, or one of those claw-whip things, or killed by the villian who must not be named. (It's not Voldemort -- although that would've been an interesting plot twist...)

After some good action scenes, everything becomes *serious* and choices must be made. As the guardian of the dagger, Tamina must decide whether she can handle the sacrifices required for the dagger's safety, while Dastan must face a villian in his own family while trying to reverse the damage that has been done to his name. I won't tell you the whole ending... but I'll say that some parts of the ending were surprising!

The ending's a cliffhanger... literally!

A few things that annoyed me: *spoilers included*
1. The ugly Papyrus font (yes Disney, I noticed)
2. The bazillion almost-kisses
3. When what was happening was over-explained and shoved in my face (voice over and text?!), OR I didn't understand what just happened.
4. The fact that Tamina doesn't remember anything at the end of the movie. Seriously? They were in love with each other and then she forgets everything! The hopeless romantic in me weeps.
5. That Jake Gyllenhaal had his shirt on for the majority of the movie.

Bonus Features (Better than a DVD!):
Watch this. Can I just say that Gemma is adorable and gorgeous? Some girls just get it all.