Spotlight: One Mad Carousel Ride!

Wow. Haven't been here in quite a while! I doubled up on my work schedule and have been playing at Disneyland all day, so I haven't had time for posting (or the internet for that matter)! Anyways, I have a few movie posts in the making, so look out for those!

On to the spotlight, which is very dear to my heart:

The Mad Hatter!

I originally asked the Mad Hatter to go on Mad Tea Party with me, but the carousel is just as nice. I'm surprised I was allowed to even do this! Anyways, Alanna (who photoshopped this for me!) thinks I need to preserve the conversation we had on the carousel. So I'm gonna post what I can remember. It was pretty hilarious!

Alice: Mad Hatter, what are you going to name your horse?

Mad Hatter: I don't want to place him into a category.

A: (to me) Well then, what are you going to name your horse?

Me: uh... I have no idea.

A: Well he looks rather angry. Maybe it's because of the haircut you gave him? (Ed. note: please take a look at how incredibly weird my horse looks)

MH: That looks like something you would do, Alice.

Me: Well, the Mad Hatter would be riding this horse, if I had picked the other one. He let me choose.

A: He let you choose? He never lets me decide ANYTHING!

MH: Well, you screw things up. Here... I'll let you decide something: ONE LUMP OR TWO? (Ed. note: yes, he's referencing BATB. He belted that so loud...)

A: I'll take three!

Me: So Alice, what did you name your horse?

A: (thinks for a minute) Petunia!

MH: Well in that case, I'll name mine... Rupert! Although that name is a little flamboyant, even for me.

A: Splendid! And (turning to me) we'll name yours... Travis!

MH: Oh yes! He looks like a Travis.

Me: Travis is an angry name?

A: Of course.

Disney Geekout Time:
While looking for online videos of the Mad Hatter, I realized that there is a whole group of crazy fans who have taken a liking to the Mad Hatter and Alice. They've even named them all. The one I know is "Sweet Hatter" (and he really is sweet!). Oh, and these kids have their own website.

Yes, that really is me in the picture. You're just gonna have to trust me on this one.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! This convo. still makes me laugh. :)

  2. Awww that's funny :D
    You had the perfect answer : " Travis is an angry name?" Love it :)