My Disney Dreams List

Here's a list of some things I want to do while I'm working and/or playing at Disneyland. I need a place to keep track of all these! Some are possible, most are not. But you better believe I'll try to accomplish every single thing!

x 1. Land a role in the show! (Become a Cast Member)

2. Go on every attraction in Disneyland.
Almost there! Just need to go on the Main Street Vehicles and shoot things in the Shootin' Exposition.

x 3. Go on every attraction in Disney's California Adventure.

4. Eat/drink...
x a) at the Blue Bayou
b) a turkey leg on Thanksgiving
c) a root beer on Pirates of the Caribbean
d) fresh popcorn from the popcorn stand
e) every single ice cream flavor from Catch a Flav
f) a huge sourdough Mickey Mouse head

5. Buy my own spray bottle from the dollar store and bring it to Disneyland. Then proceed to laugh at the tourists who spent $20 on a Disney spray bottle.

x 6. Go on an attraction with the Mad Hatter.

7. Send someone a piece of mail from Disneyland.

x 8. Tell Jafar that his beard is twisted.

9. Walk through Disneyland after hours.

10. Find Steven Davison and shake his hand.

11. Sing "Once Upon a Dream" to Prince Philip.

12. Stay in the Dream Suite.

x 13. Tell random strangers Disney secrets.
Probably one of the best parts of my job!

14. Stay in the Grand Californian hotel.

x 15. Tell Captain Hook how much I love him.

16. Find the Beast for Brianna.

17. Take a picture with Jimney Cricket.

x 18. Discover a Disney secret.
Hint: It's about Fantasmic...

19. Have a conversation with Japanese tourists completely in Japanese.

20. Get my face painted.

21. Look over Disneyland from the top of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

22. Visit the Disney Parks located in...
a) Florida
b) Paris, France
c) Tokyo, Japan

23. Sing a Disney song (preferably this one) while dancing down Main Street.

24. Get a picture with Ludwig von Drake.

x 25. Arrive at the park before it opens and wait outside the gates.

26. Ask Bert to fly a kite with me!

x 27. Get a video of Peter Pan for Alanna.

28. Get a picture with every character from Fantasmic.

29. Read all of the funny signs posted throughout the Monsters, Inc. attraction.


  1. Oh my lord, I had a turkey leg at a State Fair once and have been HOOKED ever since. They are so good... doesn't it just seem like you're in Medieval times, ripping into some mutton? :-)

  2. You forgot, "get a video of Peter saying hi to Alanna." haha. And I feel so special that I discovered the Fantasmic secret with you. also, who is Steven Davison and I love the idea of looking out over dland from the top of the castle. :)

  3. LiLu: I've never had one before! I'm excited! :P

    Alanna: Dude, you MET PP. But I'll do it anyways. Steven Davison is STEVE. WOC Steve.

  4. I meant if you ran into that one that's all over the internet. The cute one, unless he doesn't work there anymore. WOC....STEVE....OHHHHHHH STEVE! Yes, I know who you're talking about now haha. It would be awesome to meet Steve!

  5. Omg. #8. Best idea EVER!! That is hilarious. Please wear a red and gold bikini top, and have your hair in a ponytail with hair down to your butt while you do it. And record it. For future generations to appreciate.