Meet the Robinsons

I miss the days of Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas. The hand drawn animation was amazing, not to mention the music. THE MUSIC! But that's for a later post. I've noticed now that all of Disney Animation's stuff is computer generated (and often in 3D). Thank goodness for The Princess and the Frog! I really can't wait!


Alright, back to the movie: Meet the Robinsons! The movie starts off with a lady leaving her baby in front of the doorstep of an orphange. This baby turns out to be Lewis, a boy with huge hair and a huge brain to match. After 124 failed adoption interviews (next time, lay off the peanut butter), Lewis gets the smart idea that his mother is the only person who will want him, so he decides to make a "Memory Scanner" to try and recall her face from his little baby memory. Okay hold on. All you want to do is see her face? How about a phone number? Address? ANYTHING? I expect more from a boy genius.

So Lewis beings to create the Memory Scanner. He keeps his roommate Goob up all night making this invention *this is important* and he finally finishes and scurries on over to the science fair to show of his creation, while Goob goes to play his all important baseball game. In a nutshell: Lewis blows up the gymnasium, Goob falls asleep (roomies can do that to you) during the big game. Cut to Lewis sulking on the rooftop of the orphange. There he meets Wilbur Robinson, who is pretending to be a pidgeon for some unknown reason. Wilbur gets all up in Lewis face and is like "OMG HI! I'm from the future!" and then throws Lewis off the rooftop. No really, he does. Luckily, Lewis falls onto the invisible time machine that Wilbur uses to transport him to 2037 (aka **the future**). Lewis then explains to him that the evil Bowler Hat Guy stole the Robinson's OTHER time machine and he wants Lewis to help get it back.

Wilbur takes Lewis to his house, where Lewis meets the whole Robinson clan, except for Cornelius, who is on a business trip. My favorite character has to be Frannie and her Mafia frogs (video below). First it was the New York pidgeons in Bolt, and now these guys? I seriously can't get enough. Oh, and this scene (yes, I'm too lazy to embed) is amazing.

So after the whole crazy family scene it gets complicated. Lewis wants to use the time machine to see his real mother, Wilbur wants Lewis to help him get the other time machine, Bowler Hat Guy wants to make Lewis's life miserable, and the Robinson family--not knowing Lewis is from the future--wants to adopt Lewis into their family. And I'm not gonna tell you the rest. Oh, c'mon! Don't get mad. I gave you the freaking link to the video! Geez.

Okay, fine. I'll give you one spoiler. Bowler Hat Guy turns out to be none other than... GOOB! Yes, cute widdle Goob. Now, I just don't understand how this complete change in appearance takes place. Would you care to explain, Disney Animation Studios? (Like they'll ever read this.) BHG is just looks so... unfortunate. And he has a unicorn binder! HAHAHAHAHA.

Anyunicorns, I liked Meet the Robinsons. There were parts of the storyline where I almost gave up, but the crazy characters and well-placed jokes make up for it. Not as amazing as Bolt, but what can I say? I'm a dog person.

Bonus Features (better than a DVD!):

So, I was gonna end my wonderful blog post there. However, I found a video of the very touching end of the movie which happens to feature the song "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas. And Alanna loves Rob Thomas. And I don't think she's gonna watch the movie (which I so graciously provided for her in the first video). So this is pretty much for Alanna... and anyone else who wants to see the end of Meet the Robinsons.

10 bucks says Alanna's crying. Alright, pay up!

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  1. Thanks! I have this song on my iPod and I knew it was from Meet the Robinsons hehe. And I totally agree with you about the old days of animation. :(

  2. I didn't get emotional until the quote haha. But, I did not shed a tear. HA!

  3. MAN! you know, I think if you watch the whole movie, the ending means a lot more. because, you're like SO happy to see him have a family! awwww my ice cold heart is thawing...

    I'm not paying anyone 10 bucks, btw.

  4. Haha. I won't make you.

  5. ever saw this but it sounds so cool!