Spotlight: I Can't Draw

Ah, the Animation Academy. One of the few places where you can sit in an amazing (air-conditioned!!!) room just stuffed with Disney trinkets. Usually, I saunter on down to the second row, last seat (yes, I'm a regular) and then once the drawing lesson is over, I recycle my horrible drawing and ask to keep the really amazing perfectly drawn sketch that our "teacher" has created. My friend and I happened to get Jack Skellington, and here is the final product:

But the real spotlight is what the "teacher's assistant" was drawing during class:

Yeah, that's just doodling to her. Wow. (Sorry about the horrible picture quality...) Oh, and she wasn't done either! I bet the final product looked even cooler...

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  1. Dude! That's awesome! And that Jack Skellington is good :)