Spotlight: The Electrical Parade!

Part 2

Okay, so I had the most AMAZING time at Disneyland yesterday! Brianna, Karina, & I enjoyed a lovely Electrical parade, among other things. Here's a play-by-play:

Park in Cast Member lot, go on snazzy shuttle to the park!

Walk into DCA, small talk with the ticket-ticker who now knows me. (Don't judge me.)

Walk out and get a cool hand stamp that says "Ladybug" (I'm getting detailed here!)

Check hours at place of work.

Walk into Disneyland.

Go on Splash Mountain as a single rider because Brianna is running late and it's FREAKING HOT.

Walk around with Brianna, "You know Disney's crowded when going on the Pinocchio attraction sounds like a good idea."

Go back into DCA. Pin shop with Brianna. (For the record, I do NOT collect pins. I would waste too much money.)

Get a "Three Berries and a Banana" drink at Schmoozies. It's pretty good.

Go to the Animation Pavillion and watch the rotation of movie clips/songs. Sing along really loud.

Have broccoli cheddar soup at the Pacific Wharf Cafe, which is the only place you should buy overpriced Disney food.

Karina finally arrives!

Go sit down for Electrical Parade while staring in awe at the light-up Ferris wheel.

Go to the Blue Sky Cellar with Karina while Brianna holds our spots.

Run back when we get a text saying "Kids are trying to take our spot!" Promptly sit in front of said kids.

Electrical Parade starts! Make a goal to get a wave back from every single parade character.

Say goodbye to the Blue Fairy and hello to Tinkerbell.

I love the snails! and turtles! and bumblebees! I flag each and every one down, they all come up to say hello. One snail turned around and shook it's bum at me.

We respond to Alice's "How are you?" and she comments on our manners.

Brianna offers her foot to (Cinderella's) Prince Charming, he holds the shoe out. It doesn't fit.

Brianna & I make faces at the step-sisters, they call us ugly.

Try to get Captain Hook to blow a kiss to me. He doesn't. But Peter does.

I make a silly face at Pinnochio, he does it back and motions that my nose is going to grow.

Yell at Pete, "make the dragon invisible!!" Pete laughs at me. But he makes the dragon invisible.

Finish the parade. Final wave count: 40 parade characters.

End the night with Haagen-Dazs hot chocolate. Yum!

If you read all of that, you get a bag of Haagen-Dazs chocolate chip cookies! If you couldn't tell, we had a great time acting like five year olds and watching the parade. And we're all getting together to do it again. :]

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