Hannah Montana The Movie

Disclaimer: I took my 12 year old sister to the dollar theater to watch this movie. That is my excuse. Hey, I have to watch every Disney movie... right?

Yeah, so it's a pretty predictable movie. After Miley ruins Lilly's (her *bestie*) sweet sixteen, and randomly gets into a fight with Tyra Banks (note to Tyra: YOU CAN DO BETTER), her dad sends her off to her home state of Tennessee for a little soul searching. After she starts crushing on Travis, the farm boy, she starts to change her ways from over the top superstar back to down to earth (HA!) Miley Stewart. Moral of the story: when you fall in love with a boy, you must become the person they want you to be. No, I'm just kidding. But you do have to give... I'll stop. (Family friendly, family friendly, family friendly...) Alright, cut to a video clip time. This song was really the only one I enjoyed. The Climb is okay and whatever song Taylor Swift (note to Taylor: YOU CAN DO BETTER) sings is good as well.

Anyways, once the farmboy (and her family) teach her the importance of life or whatever, Miley decides she is going to throw a big fundraising concert to save her teeny-tiny city from the hands of the industrial revolution. Seriously, it's like a big deal. Oh, and all this time she's got a fat British guy following her, trying to figure out her secret (ya know, she's like, two people?!) so he can sell the story to the tabloids. In the end, Miley ends up telling the whole town that she is *OMGZ HANNAH MONTANA*. After a sad little song (no, I'm crying, like totally), a girl who's been stalking Miley through the whole movie goes "But you can be hannah too!" And so the whole town agrees to keep her secret. THE WHOLE TOWN. Fo realz?! I would haul butt to the nearest phone and sell that crap. They really got some award winning guys to write this stuff (like I can talk)...

Regardless of what I think about Miley/Hannah/Wombat, the theater was actually pretty full. I know, right? And my little sister enjoyed it, but to her credit, she thought the movie was slightly crazy. Oh, and the verdict by four random teenagers walking out of the movie with us? "Well, like, this one was better than that, like, Zac Efron movie. OMG the guy was so much hotter!" Wow. Just... wow.

To reclaim some dignity (mine's already gone), watch this. I love Joel McHale.

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