Spotlight: I Can't Draw

Ah, the Animation Academy. One of the few places where you can sit in an amazing (air-conditioned!!!) room just stuffed with Disney trinkets. Usually, I saunter on down to the second row, last seat (yes, I'm a regular) and then once the drawing lesson is over, I recycle my horrible drawing and ask to keep the really amazing perfectly drawn sketch that our "teacher" has created. My friend and I happened to get Jack Skellington, and here is the final product:

But the real spotlight is what the "teacher's assistant" was drawing during class:

Yeah, that's just doodling to her. Wow. (Sorry about the horrible picture quality...) Oh, and she wasn't done either! I bet the final product looked even cooler...


Hannah Montana The Movie

Disclaimer: I took my 12 year old sister to the dollar theater to watch this movie. That is my excuse. Hey, I have to watch every Disney movie... right?

Yeah, so it's a pretty predictable movie. After Miley ruins Lilly's (her *bestie*) sweet sixteen, and randomly gets into a fight with Tyra Banks (note to Tyra: YOU CAN DO BETTER), her dad sends her off to her home state of Tennessee for a little soul searching. After she starts crushing on Travis, the farm boy, she starts to change her ways from over the top superstar back to down to earth (HA!) Miley Stewart. Moral of the story: when you fall in love with a boy, you must become the person they want you to be. No, I'm just kidding. But you do have to give... I'll stop. (Family friendly, family friendly, family friendly...) Alright, cut to a video clip time. This song was really the only one I enjoyed. The Climb is okay and whatever song Taylor Swift (note to Taylor: YOU CAN DO BETTER) sings is good as well.

Anyways, once the farmboy (and her family) teach her the importance of life or whatever, Miley decides she is going to throw a big fundraising concert to save her teeny-tiny city from the hands of the industrial revolution. Seriously, it's like a big deal. Oh, and all this time she's got a fat British guy following her, trying to figure out her secret (ya know, she's like, two people?!) so he can sell the story to the tabloids. In the end, Miley ends up telling the whole town that she is *OMGZ HANNAH MONTANA*. After a sad little song (no, I'm crying, like totally), a girl who's been stalking Miley through the whole movie goes "But you can be hannah too!" And so the whole town agrees to keep her secret. THE WHOLE TOWN. Fo realz?! I would haul butt to the nearest phone and sell that crap. They really got some award winning guys to write this stuff (like I can talk)...

Regardless of what I think about Miley/Hannah/Wombat, the theater was actually pretty full. I know, right? And my little sister enjoyed it, but to her credit, she thought the movie was slightly crazy. Oh, and the verdict by four random teenagers walking out of the movie with us? "Well, like, this one was better than that, like, Zac Efron movie. OMG the guy was so much hotter!" Wow. Just... wow.

To reclaim some dignity (mine's already gone), watch this. I love Joel McHale.



First off, I just want to say that my comments were broken and I didn't even know it! So, sorry if you tried to post comments and it didn't work... Thanks Emma for letting me know. :] Okay, back to the movies:

Oh Disney Animation Studios, why did I doubt you so? I thought that Bolt was not going to be amazing... I thought it was going to be a flop. I thought the inclusion of Miley Cyrus alone would sink it straight to the bottom. Boy, was I wrong.

I absolutely loved this movie.

The movie starts out with Penny, played by Miley Cyrus, getting a frantic call from her dad. OH NOEZ! He's been kidnapped! Luckily, he's a smart cookie and equipped her dog, Bolt, with some super-abilities. Penny and Bolt then go to rescue her dad but get caught by Dr. Calico (AKA the green-eyed man) and his henchman. Bolt uses his superpowers to save the day, and right as Bolt and Penny are about to drive off into the victorious sunset... we learn the whole action movie is *gasp* A MOVIE SET. But, (plot twist) Bolt thinks it's real! After a quick chat with head honchos from the network, the director realizes Bolt can't save the day every single show. So, in the next episode, Penny is "captured" by Dr. Calico... and the scene ends with a cliffhanger. Bolt, thinking Penny is really in danger, freaks out big time and flees the set, looking to rescue her from the green-eyed man.

While running off the set, Bolt somehow manages to get knocked unconscious into a box getting shipped to New York (yes, I've been in a New York mood lately...). He wakes up in NYC, still trying to rescue Penny, and realizes that his powers don't work. He blames the styrofoam.(obviously.) Bolt runs into the coolest pidgeons EVER looking for "the green-eyed man" and his cat. The pidgeons then lead him to Mittens, a sassy New Yorker. After Bolt convinces (AKA holds her over the Long Island Expressway) Mittens to travel with him, they go on a cross-country adventure back to Hollywood. Along the way, they pick up a hamster named Rhino. Rhino loves Bolt like a preteen loves Edward Cullen, and he also thinks Bolt has real superpowers. However, Mittens finally realizes that Bolt is an actor, and clues him into reality. Once everyone gets over themselves, they have a lovey-dovey trip back to hollywood.

Bolt finally gets back to Hollywood (with a cute song AND montage OMG) but... Penny has already replaced Bolt with another dog! Or so he thinks. But Mittens sees that Penny is heartbroken and makes Bolt go back and see Penny. Just as Penny's scene is about to end and happy reunions will begin, the replacement Bolt *coughamateurcough* knocks over a fiery torch and the whole set is aflame. The real Bolt comes to the rescue... and well, you can see the rest for yourselves.

I thought this movie was really great, and my mom and sister loved it too! The best part: Miley Cyrus's character is only in half the movie! Because really, my ears were bleeding.


Spotlight: The Electrical Parade!

Part 2

Okay, so I had the most AMAZING time at Disneyland yesterday! Brianna, Karina, & I enjoyed a lovely Electrical parade, among other things. Here's a play-by-play:

Park in Cast Member lot, go on snazzy shuttle to the park!

Walk into DCA, small talk with the ticket-ticker who now knows me. (Don't judge me.)

Walk out and get a cool hand stamp that says "Ladybug" (I'm getting detailed here!)

Check hours at place of work.

Walk into Disneyland.

Go on Splash Mountain as a single rider because Brianna is running late and it's FREAKING HOT.

Walk around with Brianna, "You know Disney's crowded when going on the Pinocchio attraction sounds like a good idea."

Go back into DCA. Pin shop with Brianna. (For the record, I do NOT collect pins. I would waste too much money.)

Get a "Three Berries and a Banana" drink at Schmoozies. It's pretty good.

Go to the Animation Pavillion and watch the rotation of movie clips/songs. Sing along really loud.

Have broccoli cheddar soup at the Pacific Wharf Cafe, which is the only place you should buy overpriced Disney food.

Karina finally arrives!

Go sit down for Electrical Parade while staring in awe at the light-up Ferris wheel.

Go to the Blue Sky Cellar with Karina while Brianna holds our spots.

Run back when we get a text saying "Kids are trying to take our spot!" Promptly sit in front of said kids.

Electrical Parade starts! Make a goal to get a wave back from every single parade character.

Say goodbye to the Blue Fairy and hello to Tinkerbell.

I love the snails! and turtles! and bumblebees! I flag each and every one down, they all come up to say hello. One snail turned around and shook it's bum at me.

We respond to Alice's "How are you?" and she comments on our manners.

Brianna offers her foot to (Cinderella's) Prince Charming, he holds the shoe out. It doesn't fit.

Brianna & I make faces at the step-sisters, they call us ugly.

Try to get Captain Hook to blow a kiss to me. He doesn't. But Peter does.

I make a silly face at Pinnochio, he does it back and motions that my nose is going to grow.

Yell at Pete, "make the dragon invisible!!" Pete laughs at me. But he makes the dragon invisible.

Finish the parade. Final wave count: 40 parade characters.

End the night with Haagen-Dazs hot chocolate. Yum!

If you read all of that, you get a bag of Haagen-Dazs chocolate chip cookies! If you couldn't tell, we had a great time acting like five year olds and watching the parade. And we're all getting together to do it again. :]

Oliver and Company

Maybe it's the New Yorker in me talking, but I absolutely love this movie! I remember seeing the re-release in 1996 when I was a little Disney fan...

Two words: Billy. Joel.

The movie is based on the story Oliver Twist (which I haven't read, so I can't really compare...). Oliver is a small orphaned cat who runs into Dodger (IT'S BILLY JOEL), a street-wise city dog. Oliver follows Dodger to his home, where he lives with a pack of city dogs and their master, Fagin. Fagin owes a huge amount of money to Sykes, who is very big and very scary. When the dogs are out collecting scrap to re-sell, they lose Oliver, who is then rescued by Jenny, a little girl who lives in the very wealthy upper east side of NYC. Oliver loves it there, but Georgette (OMG BETTE MIDLER?!), Jenny's best-in-show poodle, is not. However, Jenny and Oliver bond with a cute little montage which includes my favorite song:

Dodger and the gang think that Oliver's in trouble, so with Georgette's permission they "rescue" a sleeping Oliver and bring him back to their humble abode. Fagin realizes that Oliver is worth big money if he's returned to Jenny, so he makes a ransom note telling Jenny's parents to bring lots of cash if they want their precious kitty back. Unfortunately, only a crying Jenny shows up with her piggy bank. Okay, hold on. A girl under 10 years old is walking around creepy alleyways in NY at who knows what time and had nothing happen to her?! Wow, Disney, you impress me. Back to the story. Fagin's whole "OMG-I'm-gonna-be-rich" plan backfires which leads to chase scene in a subway track and over the freaking brooklyn bridge (again, Disney, WHAT?!) which then leads to Sykes getting run over by a subway. YAYY! Cut to Jenny's *best birthday of my life* party with every (good) character in the movie.

In all seriousness, I really like this movie. And I really like the special features on the DVD. One thing that bugged me was that EVERY video clip about Oliver & Comapny used the "Abs-a-tively Poos-uh-loot-ley" clip and the "If this is torture, chain me to the wall!" clip. Seriously, you've got a whole movie of clips to choose from. However, I loved the scrapbook and the two bonus shorts, "Lend A Paw" (which I have in book form), and "Puss Cafe". No, not THAT type of Puss Cafe...

The best Disney cartoon ever.

Actually, one of my favorite things about this movie is that they got so many interesting people in the cast. When I found out Joey Lawerence was Oliver, the little 90's girl in me swooned and said "BROTHERLY LOVE!!!!!!!" Yes, I'm so cool. Don't judge me. They somehow got Bette Midler to voice Georgette, and BILLY JOEL is Dodger. Can I please take Dodger home? PUHLEEEEZZ?!

But really, this movie is great. It pioneered a whole new generation of Disney movies, and it was one of the first animated movies to get help from a computer. One of my favorite Disney animated musicals.