Alright, let's try to do this post without hyperventilating...

So this is Disney/Pixar's (or as I accidentally called it, Pixey...) 10th film. It's obvious that UP has a way more adult feel. Actually, even though the movie ended on a happy note, the whole mood was a bit somber. I think as the movie progresses, it gets happier. Right in the beginning you get hit with an emotional montage of Carl's life with his late wife Ellie. Fueled by his desire to fufill his and Ellie's wishes, he sets off on a grand adventure to a far-off land in South America. His sidekick is a wilderness explorer named Russell, an exotic bird named Kevin, and Dug, who is the cutest dog EVER.

Dug is right up there in my favorite-Disney-characters-of-all-time list. I want a dog just like him! He sold the movie for me.

Characters aside, UP has a great plot--and even though it is a bit sad, it is still an amazing film and I think you should watch it! Now the question is... 2D or 3D?


In D/P's Ratatouille, as Remy is trying to find food after getting separated from his family, look at the shadow of the dog barking (around 0:51 in this clip). Notice something... familiar? I love how they give us little "easter eggs" and we don't even know it!

Look for a shadow of Dug at 0:51!!

UPdate: Look at the beautiful color script!

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  1. I cannot WAIT to see this movie! All I've heard is raving so far...