Spotlight: The Little Mermaid Attraction

Alright, so a quick blog-tweaking note: there will be TWO, I repeat, TWO spotlights per week! Why, you ask? 'Cause it's my blog and I'll post if I want to (poooost if I want to, poooost if I want to...)! Plus, it's summer vacation and I've got time on my hands. There will be a weekday spotlight on Monday (so this one's a day late) and a weekend spotlight on Friday! Let the fun ensue!

This week's spotlight is...

The Little Mermaid Attraction!

I'm so excited for this attraction! Finally, DCA can look Disneyland in the eye and say, "I CAN BE A THEME PARK TOO!" Don't get me wrong--I love DCA. I've spent many days talking to Crush (my absolute favorite attraction), popping balloons in Midway Mania, and filling myself full of free tortillas. Whenever Disneyland is crowded and tourist-packed (see last week's spotlight), my friends and I always go straight on over to DCA and have fun! However, it takes a true Disney fan to overlook DCA's flaws. I'm really excited for the new and improved DCA, but I will always remember the original... *looks thoughtfully into the distance*

What a fun ride! But really, that is one scary Ursula.

Change is good... but I'm gonna get my fill of the DCA I know and love while it's still here!

PS: Can you find the hidden mickey in the first picture?


  1. http://www.usatoday.com/life/movies/news/2009-06-22-wonderland-art_N.htm

    Thought you'd be interested. I don't even LIKE Alice and Wonderland and it looks flippin SWEET.

  2. I saw those! I didn't see the fun little zoom thing though. :] Man, that rabbit looks possessed! Creepy...

  3. cool video. And it sucks that you've already seen the Alice and Wonderland stuff cuz I was just about to blog about it..although I still will. It just won't be new to you. P.S. I think that it's hilarious that they put the spanish translation in the animation. Oh and why did they do the big scary Ursula BEFORE the kiss the girl scene? That's wrong. Whatever.

  4. hahahaha! I was thinking the EXACT same thing about the spanish! about ursula, they might change around the ride a bit because this was made waaaayyy before they thought about putting it in DCA. still, that ursula is creepy!

  5. I just checked out the link that Paradox sent and it's pretty cool. I actually think the flower scene looks beautiful but the Tweedle Dee/Dum part looks really creepy.