Spotlight: The New Fantasmic!

I work at Disneyland. Because of that, I get to go to Disneyland whenever I'd like. And so, I've seen most of the Summer Nightastic! shows (just have to watch the Pixie Hollow Enchantment Night Show, and the Electrical Parade). I saw Fantasmic this past Friday, right after work... and it was AMAZING. Now, I recommend seeing it in person if you can, but if not the videos are below. FYI: The new dragon is broken and hasn't been in the show yet. :(

Part 1:

Part 2:

Isn't that the sassiest goldfish you've ever seen?

Part 3:

So pretty much, this YouTuber who posted these videos has an amazing camera. Go to their channel to see a lot more Disney vids!

Just for giggles:

Ah, the old Disneyland of my childhood. How I miss you.

PS: Sorry about the lack of movie posting. My DVD player on my computer is broken, and that has slowed down my movie-watching abilities...

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