Princess Protection Program

How, do you ask, did I already watch Princess Protection Program (scheduled to come out this Friday)? Well, Bob Iger himself invited me to a special screening... Okay, Okay. It was on YouTube. Sadly, the video has already been removed and I'm just lucky I got to it in time!

The movie stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, who are best friends *insert girlish squeal here* in real life. Selena Gomez plays Carter, a tomboy from Louisiana who helps her father run a small bait shop. Demi Lovato plays Princess Rosalinda, a princess of the small island Costa Luna. Carter's father is a special agent in the Princess Protection Program, which is a secret program made to protect princesses whose safety is being threatened. Here's the kicker (cause I know you're on the edge of your seats...): Princess Rosalinda will only trust Carter's dad, so she goes to Louisiana and consequently turns Carter's life upside down... and helps her find her "Inner Princess". You can pretty much figure out the plot from there.

Surprisingly, I sat through the whole movie without complaining. The actors actually ACT, which is unheard of in modern DCOM times. Although, I was slightly creeped out that Jamie Chung, the actress who plays Chelsea, is 26! That's pushing it for someone playing a high-schooler. Also, I wonder why they didn't develop the character relationships a bit more. Carter's best friend, Ed, is madly in love with her and he didn't really get his happy ending. Not even a single dance at homecoming! I'm crying, really.

You and every other teenybopper out there can watch Princess Protection Program on June 26th, this Friday, on Disney Channel.

But I don't have to! HAHA!


  1. um, so i secretly cant wait to see this... i've been waiting for awhile now. shh our little secret.

  2. Wow, you have sunk low.

  3. Hey! I said I'd watch every single one, right? I just happened to have a spare 90 minutes...

    Don't judge me.