The Absent-Minded Professor

I picked up The Absent Minded Professor in the children's section of the library, not knowing anything about it. What I learned is that Flubber is a remake.

The Absent Minded Professor is about a chemistry professor named Ned Brainard who invents a type of rubber that defies gravity, gaining more energy as it bounces instead of losing it. However, the explosion that created the "flubber" also knocked him out, causing him to miss his own wedding... for the third time. Professor Brainard is convinced that his new discovery will win him back Betsy (his fiancee), help save Medfield College, and help change the world. However, Alonzo Hawk, a jerk businessman, accidentally sees Professor Brainard flying his Model T and steals his car. This results in Professor Brainard and Betsy teaming up together, taking the car back, and taking a flying flubber-filled adventure to Washington D.C.

If you'd like to see a small clip of the movie, click HERE. Unfortunately, that's the only clip I could find that was related to this movie. It's quite a shame, because the movie is really good! I liked the main actor, Fred MacMurray--who has starred in some other older Disney movies. Also, upon doing some highly advanced research (AKA a 3-second search on Google), I found out that the Medfield fight song is the first song that the Sherman Brothers wrote for Disney! Boy, they've come a long way...

After watching this, I don't know how I'm going to watch the Robin Williams version!


  1. I LOVE the Sherman Brothers! (Mary Poppins is so great.)

  2. Have you seen Flubber? It's really good. I haven't seen this movie but I knew that Flubber was a remake of it. Coo coo.

  3. Sadako: I love the Sherman Brothers as well! Mary Poppins is one of my all-time favorite movies.

    Alanna: I did see Flubber, but a long, LONG time ago. All I remember is the flubber comes to life and has a whole salsa/dance party! LOL :]