The World According to Goofy

One of my favorite characters is Ludwig Von Drake. He's not one of the most popular Disney characters, but for some unknown reason, I just love him. A goal of mine (that will probably never be realized) is to get a picture with Professor Von Drake. This goal led me to scour the internet for some picture of Ludwig in the parks. After a few hours, I discovered Ludwig was once in a Disney parade! I learned that this parade, called "The World According to Goofy", took place from June-November 1992. I was two years old in 1992, and there was definitely a possibility that I saw this parade in person. Here's a video of the parade if you're interested:

So I showed this video to my mom, who said that this parade seemed somewhat familiar. She went looking through some old Disneyland pictures, and guess what she found? LUDWIG!

I have absolutely no recollection of this parade (I was two). But here is proof that Ludwig and I were in the parks at the same time! It was obviously foreshadowing of our intertwined destiny. Which means, a meet and greet is in my future! 

Here's some more pictures from the same parade:

On an unrelated note, this parade looks AWESOME. Too bad it only lasted 5 months. 


Tick Tock Tale: A Disney Short

I had the pleasure of seeing a never-before released Disney short called Tick Tock Tale. Disney animator Bill Perkins stopped by my university today and showed a full house the clip! Here's a sneak peek:

The story follows a small clock who gets teased by the other clocks because of his funny chime. But when a thief comes into the clock shop and steals his friends, the little clock runs after the thief, and his funny chime calls the police over, saving the day. However, the thief steps on the little clock  to quiet him, breaking him in the process. The next day, the shop owner throws the little clock away. The big clocks, not forgetting what the little clock had done the night before, take the clock out of the trash and place him by a sign that reads, "No repair is too small".

The owner of the shop repairs the little clock, and he is welcomed back into the clock shop by all his friends. It was a great short and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see it!